About Licensing Consulting Group

Licensing Consulting Group is at the forefront of the new economy and the global intellectual property marketplace. Our approach focuses on the business side of IP. We combine business acumen with IP knowledge to offer solutions focused on business goals and objectives. Our role varies from analysis and planning the IP strategy, to implementing and actively managing the licensing program, to training and leading the internal IP team.

Strategy & Consulting

Getting the right IP advice is one of the biggest challenges faced by most businesses. The most familiar options are IP attorneys and patent agents. Both provide valuable advice, but they don’t address the most important issue – managing and using your IP assets to increase business opportunities. Read More

Licensing Management

Licensing intellectual property (IP) is one of the most significant and fastest growing sources of business earnings today. Licensing is a flexible strategy used in many ways such as gaining a competitive advantage, increasing business value, attracting investor capital, and generating more revenue. Read More

IP Portfolio Audit

The IP audit process creates your IP Inventory. An IP audit is the only way to keep track of your IP, correct any problems with your IP rights, and make sure it’s protected. It helps you identify unused parts of your IP, find new income opportunities, and effectively manage your most valuable business assets. Read More

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How We Work With Clients

  • Working with you to understand the potential of your company IP
  • Developing an IP strategy to manage, protect and leverage your IP
  • Conducting an IP Audit and Market Analysis to identify risks and revenue opportunities
  • Preparing an IP funding package and presenting to debt or equity investors
  • Implementing and managing an outbound/inbound licensing program
  • Finding and negotiating rights to outside IP to launch or expand your business
  • Advising on licensing issues, including revenue options, negotiations, and deal terms
  • Preparing for an IP asset valuation and assisting with the valuation process

Whether you are a start-up looking for a faster way to build market traction, an operating business looking for new revenue opportunities, or an IP owner with a market-ready product or technology, LCG offers the expertise and resources to help you capitalize on your licensing opportunities.