Welcome to Licensing Consulting Group

Licensing Consulting Group is at the forefront of the new economy and the global intellectual property marketplace. Our approach focuses on the business side of IP. We combine business acumen with IP knowledge to offer solutions focused on business goals and objectives. Our role varies from analysis and planning the IP strategy, to implementing and actively managing the licensing program, to training and leading the internal IP team.


Licensing Consulting Group specializes on the business development side of IP. Our services focus on one goal: capitalizing on your IP to generate revenue in as many ways as possible. Our role varies from IP strategy and planning, to executing and actively managing the licensing program.



Are You Stuck Trying to Figure Out How To Sell Your Med Device?

If you’re like many med-tech companies, you’re focused on running your business. The problem is the health care market is a moving target, and that means what exists today will be different tomorrow. Focusing on only a single “go-to-market” strategy is putting all your eggs in one basket. If you’re […]

How to Avoid Desperation Licensing

Don’t’ let this happen to your start-up. You spend all your money on hiring the right people, developing your IP, travel to meetings, investor presentations, legal fees, prototypes, marketing, and other expenses that just pop-up. One day your accountant tells you your current cash burn rate is only enough for […]

Why Pivoting into Licensing is a Smart Business Strategy

Pivoting into a licensing strategy isn’t just for start-ups and small emerging companies. It’s a core business strategy for just about any size company in any industry. Many of the largest companies pivot to a licensing strategy as a way to continue growing their business. One example is Nokia, one […]