Licensing Consulting Group is a management consulting firm specializing in the strategic management and licensing of intellectual property assets.  We help clients organize, manage and use their IP assets to build business value, increase revenues, lower costs and capitalize on new market opportunities.  Whether its licensing out intellectual property to enhance the bottom line, or acquiring IP to build a competitive advantage, LCG provides the knowledge, experience, insight and implementation capabilities to leverage the value of all types of IP assets.

The Business Side of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property and, more broadly, intangible assets now dominates global business. Since the mid-1990s, businesses around the world invest more in new intangible assets—databases, brands, worker training and competencies, as well as R&D and patents—than in new physical assets. Companies now earn more from their intellectual property in its various forms than from their manufacturing plants and equipment.

Profit is now a game of out thinking competitors and less about out producing them. The old business model designs a product and sells it to create a major revenue stream. The new business model leverages intellectual property (IP) to generate higher profit margins and more value than the traditional “product only” business.

Managing intellectual property effectively is essential to the survival and growth of every business. Management that focuses on creating, controlling  and leveraging rights to intellectual property will be the most successful in today’s IP centric economy.

Licensing Consulting Group is at the forefront of the new economy and the global intellectual property marketplace. Our approach focuses on the business side of IP.  We combine business acumen with IP knowledge to offer solutions focused on business goals and objectives. Our role varies from analysis and planning the IP strategy, to implementing and actively managing the licensing program, to training and leading the internal IP team.

LCG has an extensive network of resources including IP attorneys, valuation, royalty audits, IP financing and litigation support. We can guide you through the process of selecting the best resources to realize the greatest value from your IP.


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Consulting & Strategy

Developing a cohesive strategy is essential to the success of an effective intellectual property management program. Without a strategy, opportunities are lost and unforeseen consequences and inefficiencies inevitably arise. In general, our consulting services include a broad examination of your IP, how your IP is used, Read More about “Consulting & Strategy”