Our approach focuses on the business side of IP. We combine business acumen with IP knowledge to offer solutions focused on business goals and objectives. Our role varies from analysis and planning the IP strategy, to implementing and actively managing the licensing program, to training and leading the internal IP team.


Licensing Consulting Group (LCG), an intellectual property management and licensing company specializes in assisting companies in strategically managing and leveraging their intellectual property assets. LCG is experienced with many types


Rand Brenner is the CEO or Licensing Consulting Group. He has over 30 years IP management and licensing experience with various industries including  consumer products, food, entertainment, software, health technology,


Is Your Startup Pivoting When It Should Be Switching?

When it comes to startups there is more than one way to build your business. But these are often overlooked, especially if you’re wearing your “I’m building a business” blinders and miss other options to get your IP into the market. In most cases, startups choose the direct route. What they often overlook is licensing as a strategy to get them to market.

How to Multiply Your Marketing Dollars Without Spending a Dime

Licensing is a great startup strategy to increase your sales and marketing efforts without spending the time and money to do it on your own. This is the greatest use […]

Is Your Startup Failing to Exploit All Its Market Opportunities?

You’re building your startup, focusing on getting your first product or technology launched in the market. But your IP also has opportunities in other markets, and you don’t have the […]