How to Get a Bigger Return on Your IP Assets

Getting the biggest return on your IP assets requires creating value with them. Leveraging that value requires using it in different markets or applications that turn your IP value into new revenue-generating products, services and technologies. One example is Boeing, who recently announced it is licensing its IP portfolio to the automotive industry. This is […]

How the Right Timing Increases the Value of Your Licensing Deal

Intellectual property value changes over time. In the beginning, it has little value. It starts as an idea scribbled on the back of a napkin. As time goes on, it gains in value as it moves into the marketplace. Different types of intellectual property change value for a variety of reasons. A patent offers a valuable solution to a market problem, but as new technologies offering better solutions enter the market, its value is reduced. Successfully launching a patented product into the market increases its value. Brands gain value as they become better known. Development also plays a big part in both the value of your IP and the licensing deal. The closer your IP is to market ready, the higher its value and the royalty rate to license it.

Uber Wants Your Patents

Uber has launched a patent purchase program. It’s called UP3 and it’s designed to speed up their ability to buy patents. The program is similar to the one offered by Google last year. It’s set up to simplify the complicated process of buying and selling patents. According to Uber, the transaction process takes around four […]

Why Algorithms Are the Next Billion Dollar Licensing Opportunity

High-frequency trading. Quants. Algorithms. Hedge funds. These are all terms you hear about in the world of Wall Street. But what do they mean? And what’s behind them? The answer is invaluable intellectual property that’s worth hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. It’s the algorithms that the investment world uses to trade billions […]

Are You Investing Blind into a Company?

Most investors invest with little or no knowledge about the company’s intellectual property. Two big reasons why is they don’t understand IP, and they don’t know the value of IP to the business. Pharmaceuticals is an example of an IP intensive industry where investors are more savvy about IP, since patents are the life blood […]