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How to Keep Your Licensing Partnership Profitable

Don’t shortchange the time it takes to structure the right type of licensing agreement. If the agreement is riddled with holes, nothing is more draining in both time and money then having to litigate your way out of a licensing agreement. Your licensing agreement is a contract between you and your partner on what you […]

3 Big Errors That Can Cost You Lost Royalty Revenues

How do you know your licensees are paying the correct amount of royalties? Generally, royalty reporting is done on a quarterly basis. The licensee is required to provide a statement showing the previous quarter sales and amount of royalties paid. However there are still a number of ways that royalties can be under reported. Here’s a list of the 3 big royalty reporting errors and how to avoid them:

A Low Cost Way to License High Priced IP

Obtaining a license for an intellectual property such as a popular character can sometimes be an expensive process. If you lack the financial resources or the qualifications, there is another option you can use to get rights to that IP. It’s called a designated distributor agreement. This type of agreement gives you the right to […]