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How to Use Licensing to Scale Up Your Revenues

A cyber security company with a patented technology for software switched to a licensing model when their market shifted and became more competitive as larger companies entered the market. Recognizing the rapidly changing market, instead of continuing to compete directly with bigger cyber protection companies, they sold off their hardware and technology assets and phased […]

Is Your Startup IP Due Diligence Ready?

Your startup is more than just the products or services it sells. Its most valuable assets are intangible assets, primarily in the form of intellectual property. Your IP is in every part of your startup – from product development to product design, from marketing and sales to manufacturing. And if you’re trying to raise capital, […]

How to Use Licensing to Scale Up Your Business

The expectation to grow fast with fewer resources is always a challenge, especially for small businesses and startups. “Can it be scaled” is something you often hear from investors evaluating the revenue potential of your business model. A software product is a classic example of a scalable business. The costs are in building the first […]

Your IP Can Save Your Business Millions

Dow used it to save $50 million and increase their licensing revenues 5 fold to over 100 million dollars. And Dupont used it and saved $64 million in taxes. Your business intellectual property can do more than keep competitors at bay, or give you a competitive edge when selling your products or services. It also […]