Why Algorithms Are the Next Billion Dollar Licensing Opportunity

High-frequency trading. Quants. Algorithms. Hedge funds. These are all terms you hear about in the world of Wall Street. But what do they mean? And what’s behind them? The answer is invaluable intellectual property that’s worth hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. It’s the algorithms that the investment […]

Is Your Intellectual Property a Game Changer?

Is your intellectual property a breakthrough technology or an incremental improvement? The former creates a new industry, the latter improves existing products or technologies. In this article, we’ll take a look at what a disruptive or breakthrough IP is, and some key factors to consider when deciding whether starting a […]

Is Your Startup IP Due Diligence Ready?

Your startup is more than just the products or services it sells. Its most valuable assets are intangible assets, primarily in the form of intellectual property. Your IP is in every part of your startup – from product development to product design, from marketing and sales to manufacturing. And if […]

Why Your Business is Facing Disruption and What You Can Do to Stay Competitive

The age of innovation and disruption is upon us. It’s driven by a number of unstoppable market forces – political,technological, legal and social – that are all converging to accelerate the demand, development and entry of new innovations in every industry around the world. It doesn’t matter what industry your […]

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