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Uber Wants Your Patents

Uber has launched a patent purchase program. It’s called UP3 and it’s designed to speed up their ability to buy patents. The program is similar to the one offered by Google last year. It’s set up to simplify the complicated process of buying and selling patents. According to Uber, the transaction process takes around four […]

How to Use an IP Valuation to Maximize Your Royalty Rate

The royalty rate is the price a licensing partner is willing to pay for your intellectual property rights. Structuring how it’s calculated is just as important as determining the royalty rate amount. The more critical or significant your IP is to revenue and profitability, the higher the royalty rate. But that’s not the only determining […]

How IP Builds Upon IP to Create Bigger Money Making Opportunities

All intellectual property is linked to prior invention, knowledge, and creativity. Often enhancing an old technology generates valuable new inventions, or adapting an old artistic tradition results in new creative works. IP builds upon IP, creating new industries, businesses, markets and wealth creating opportunities. Throughout history, intellectual property has played a big role in building new industries. […]

Value vs. Price: What’s the Difference?

Price is an expression of value. It’s derived from what the IP owner believes is the economic benefit from using the intellectual property, the lack of any competitive alternatives, and the negotiating skills of the licensee and licensor. The value of your IP is what it’s economic worth (i.e. future benefits) is in the market. […]