How to Accelerate Your Medical Device Business- Interview with Dan Golka, Founder, Med Tech Monday

Medical device technology is one of the biggest industries in health care, and growing demand for state-of-the-art consumer medical devices is driving this explosive growth. It’s an industry that is becoming a high-volume consumer electronics market in which technical innovation, cost control and IP are critical to commercial success. It’s also a very competitive industry and succeeding requires staying informed on the best practices for product development, marketing, sales, financing, IP management and licensing.

How to License NASA Technologies – Interview with Laura Fobel, NASA Armstrong Chief Technology Transfer Officer

When it comes to startups and small businesses, getting the right kind of intellectual property can literally transform the company from zero to hero overnight. But the question is where do you go to find winning IP to license?

NASA is known as the United States space agency with a long, rich history of space exploration. But NASA is also a hotbed of intellectual property that’s been applied to other industries, creating some of the most successful new products, technologies and businesses in the commercial marketplace today.

How to Create Licensing Transactions

The two main activities necessary to create a licensing deal are finding a company interested in your IP and convincing them of the commercial value a license provides them. The goal […]

3 Ways to Leverage Your Business IP

Your business intellectual property is not only your most valuable asset, it’s also one of your most powerful business tools. The strategic use of your IP can help you avoid […]

60% of Business Owners Are Missing Big Income Opportunities

In a recent survey of the UK business market, the overwhelming majority of CEO’s and Business Owners say IP management is vital to the success of their companies.