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Is the Way Your Product Looks More Valuable than What it Does?

ou’ve spent a lot of money developing and building your new product. You got a utility patent around it. And it’s unique design stands out from the competition. Then a product appears with a similar look to yours. The value of your new invention takes a nose dive as you realize too late you failed to register a trade dress to further protect the unique look of your product.

Does Your Trademark Stink?

This is part 3 of our series on unconventional trademarks. In this article, we look at trademarked scents (click these links to view the previous articles on Color and Sound trademarks). The limitation of scents identifiable by most people is why a scent mark is so potentially valuable. Unlike images, words and sounds, the number […]

What Does Your Trademark Sound Like?

This is part two of the series on un-conventional trademarks.  In this post, we’ll look at trademarked sounds.  Yes, it’s possible to trademark a sound.  It’s called sound branding.   Even though it’s very difficult to protect a sound as a trademark, sounds are increasingly used to help brands stand out in the marketplace. Part […]

Is Your Brand a Color?

In this first part of our three-part series on non-conventional trademarks, we’ll look at color as a trademarked brand. To qualify as a trademark, the color is distinctive or have an established secondary meaning to the customer. To build that kind of recognition, brands use their signature color(s) in nearly everything — marketing, packaging, uniforms, […]