cracklebaked technologyA new patent-pending food preparation technology developed at the University of Arkansas, makes baked chicken (and other proteins) taste fried with 60% less fat.  LCG is engaged to license out the worldwide rights to this technology, and is currently in negotiations with a number of global food production and ingredient supplier companies.

prescriptionaudio_logoThe company developed a patented sound technology for non-medical treatment of sleep disorders, addiction, surgery recovery, trauma and well-being. LCG developed a subscription/per user licensing model that lowered the initial cost to license the software and hardware, enabling the company to increase sales and expand its customer base.

SEE A live event and digital entertainment company that licensed the virtual world game rights from a major musical celebrity. LCG advised, developed and implemented a sponsorship program for interactive brand and product placement in the virtual world game.

botThe company developed patented outdoor entertainment center for sporting event tailgating parties. LCG assisted in securing the licensing rights for major sports brands including professional and collegiate football. The company leveraged these brands to secure distribution into major sporting goods chains.

loopropeThe company developed a patented device for use with elastic tie down bands. LCG advised management on its licensing options, and developed a licensing deal with an international manufacturer that expanded the product and brand into European markets.

Tcheerchannelhe company is an online vertical internet TV content and event portal targeting the pre-teen and teen market. LCG advised and developed a licensing program for its online assets including TV programs, characters, event merchandise and promotions.

YMHA niche book publisher specializing in developing books based on a collection of stories written by the fans or members of an organization. LCG advised and negotiated rights to develop a book for a major league baseball team and its non-profit organization.

DD logoA new character brand dedicated to educating kids about obesity, eating healthy, and being a positive role model for others. LCG advised on the development and implementation of a character licensing program, and assisted the company in securing its first promotional partner.

Brainy ToysA new toy company with a patented technology for pre-school toys was seeking entry into the US market. LCG assisted the company in licensing rights to several well-known kids’ character brands. The company used those licenses to launch its products into toy and specialty stores.

t3jacketThis company was a specialty apparel manufacturer looking to increase their distribution and brand awareness. LCG assisted the company in acquiring rights to produce and sell a limited edition replica jacket from a major Hollywood movie franchise. The company sold the licensed jacket into major specialty chains and expanded their distribution into Asia.

Marilyn Monroe CalendarA large collection of Marilyn Monroe photographs which, at the time, had not been commercialized by the photographer’s estate. LCG implemented and managed the licensing program which included posters, apparel, calendars, trading cards, limited edition prints, gallery shows, collectable plates and accessory items.