Consulting & Strategy

LCG provides its clients with expert guidance through the IP management process, from strategy development to commercialization. We help your company understand, manage, protect and leverage its intellectual property.  Whether you are developing a  new intellectual property, reworking an existing one, or looking to acquire outside IP, LCG is experienced with a all types of intellectual properties and industries.

Thank you very much for your sound advice and feedback. Much appreciated!! Thomas Buchwald, President, Mallard Capital Partners, Inc.
Thanks again for your valuable insight and advice in negotiating my international licensing deal. As always, you deliver more than promised. I couldn’t have done it without you. Regards, Steven Simon, President, Culture Change Consultants, Inc.
Thanks for your guidance on our licensing proposal. Your advice was great and really helped us understand the revenue opportunities we were overlooking. Best, Michael Keegan, Senior Managing Partner, Gemini Group L.L.C.

Build Your Business Value

Your IP Strategy is your road map to extracting the maximum value from your IP. The real value of your business IP is the way in which you can use it as an integral part of your business strategies. It impacts every area of your business – marketing, capital raising, research and development, and business expansion.

Your IP Strategy centers on business not legal considerations. It focuses on your business value creation. A well-defined IP strategy puts your business at the front end of any decision-making relating to monetizing your IP. If the strategy is an acquisition of IP rights, it must focus on whether the IP supports and increases your business value.

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The IP Strategy Plan: A Road-map to Maximizing the Value of Your Business IP

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Our Consulting Services Include:

  • Advising on strategic use of IP assets
  • Analysis of potential licensing opportunities
  • Researching and identifying potential licensing partners
  • Developing licensing revenue models and forecasts
  • Internal  and external IP management controls
  • Integrating IP into the overall business objectives
  • Advising on general IP and licensing issues
  • Market and competitive IP analysis
  • Patent research, analysis and litigation support

In an economy that increasingly values intangible assets, an IP Strategy is a crucial tool for creating and building business value. Contact Licensing Consulting Group today and find out how we can help you create an IP strategy to capitalize on your IP assets.

Get a No Obligation IP Evaluation Consultation

During this consultation, we’ll listen to your goals and give our initial advice on your IP, licensing options, and revenue opportunities. We’ll discuss specifics about your business and your goals, review your IP and provide recommendations on different ways to leverage it to generate revenue.