You’re doing a Good Job – But You Can Do More

Intellectual Property is your most important business asset and managing it effectively is essential to the survival and growth of your business. By leveraging these intangible assets strategically and effectively, you can increase your business value, and generate more revenue for little or no additional cost.

Where does your future business value lie?

Over the last decade, study after study is confirming the wealth creating power of IP rights. It is the driver of economic growth, incomes, jobs, investment, and trade. Among the key findings of these reports is intellectual property-related industries (and businesses) tend to grow at about twice the rate of the economy.

This is a powerful message, especially if you’re a business owner. It means your business and IP go hand in hand. It’s a key part of your competitive advantage and critical to your ongoing success. In this new intangible economy, the most successful businesses are being built on an IP licensing model. You can use your IP to expand your business globally faster and at lower risk than doing it yourself.

A substantial share of your future business value is found in your intellectual property. The strategic use of your IP assets should be part of your overall business strategy. Your business must focus on developing an IP strategy to maximize both its IP revenues and business value.

Revenue generated from licensing your intellectual property can be one of the most significant and fastest growing sources of your business earnings. When seeking partners or investors, you should assume that a big part of your future value is to be found in your intellectual property.

Do More With Your IP Assets

Your IP is a flexible asset that can by used many ways:

  • Position your business as a leader in the new economy
  • Attract new customers from different industry sectors
  • Generate new sources of income through licensing
  • Create new products or services and add value to existing ones
  • Expand your competitive advantage
  • Enhance your business value and attract funding sources
  • Capitalize on IP tax benefits and R&D credits
  • Position your business for an exit strategy

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