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3 Reasons Why Licensing “In” is a Great Way to Build Your Business

Many of the largest global companies sit on billions of dollars of valuable market ready intellectual property. Their challenge is not having the internal resources and patience to bring these technologies into the commercial marketplace. And this offers great opportunities for startups and small businesses to license a market ready technology with big market potential. […]

Is Your Intellectual Property a Product Improver?

Some of the most valuable IP is built upon existing IP. It creates new industries, businesses, markets and big licensing opportunities. Incremental IP improves or extends the life of a product or technology, such as product quality, reliability, or ease of use. Even a small improvement can have big commercial value, especially in highly competitive markets.

How to Turn Your R&D Know-How into Licensing Revenue

R&D is an expensive undertaking…especially for certain industries such as bio-sciences or pharmaceuticals. But sometimes your know-how, such as an R&D process, can turn into a licensable (and valuable) intellectual property that others can use to develop their IP.

One example is a small pharmaceutical company, who licenses its antibody R&D platform to other drug companies. In return for rights to use the R&D platform, licensees pay fees to use it and royalties on sales from each product incorporating its antibody technology.

How to Get a Bigger Return on Your IP Assets

Getting the biggest return on your IP assets requires creating value with them. Leveraging that value requires using it in different markets or applications that turn your IP value into new revenue-generating products, services and technologies. One example is Boeing, who recently announced it is licensing its IP portfolio to the automotive industry. This is […]

Are You Investing Blind into a Company?

Most investors invest with little or no knowledge about the company’s intellectual property. Two big reasons why is they don’t understand IP, and they don’t know the value of IP to the business. Pharmaceuticals is an example of an IP intensive industry where investors are more savvy about IP, since patents are the life blood […]