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How to Use Licensing to Scale Up Your Revenues

A cyber security company with a patented technology for software switched to a licensing model when their market shifted and became more competitive as larger companies entered the market. Recognizing the rapidly changing market, instead of continuing to compete directly with bigger cyber protection companies, they sold off their hardware and technology assets and phased […]

5 Signs a Character License Could Be a Retail Success

Mickey, Winnie, Frado, Harry and SpongeBob are billion dollar brands. They’re characters who generate billions of dollars in retail sales. Pick the right one and it can be a winning formula for increasing your sales. Kids and characters are big business. There are now more characters from books, TV shows, computer games and films than […]

3 Big Benefits of Using an IP Holding Company

Your IP assets are not only valuable, they can create new revenue streams, cut your taxes and secure company financing. But if you keep your IP assets locked inside your business entity, you’re overlooking a strategy that lets you capitalize of these opportunities and better protect and manage your IP assets. Recently Donald Trump moved […]

Your IP Can Save Your Business Millions

Dow used it to save $50 million and increase their licensing revenues 5 fold to over 100 million dollars. And Dupont used it and saved $64 million in taxes. Your business intellectual property can do more than keep competitors at bay, or give you a competitive edge when selling your products or services. It also […]

3 Ways to Use Your IP to Build a Competitive Advantage

In today’s IP centric economy, your intellectual property is your competitive advantage foundation.  IP creates a competitive advantage in several ways – licensing i exclusive rights to an outside IP, license out your IP to generate revenues and combine your IP to create a competitive moat. Acquiring exclusive rights to the an IP can turn your […]