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Licensing Consulting Group is at the forefront of the new economy and the global intellectual property marketplace. Our approach focuses on the business side of IP. We combine business acumen with IP knowledge to offer solutions focused on business goals and objectives. Our role varies from analysis and planning the IP strategy, to implementing and actively managing the licensing program, to training and leading the internal IP team.


Licensing Consulting Group specializes on the business development side of IP. Our services focus on one goal: capitalizing on your IP to generate revenue in as many ways as possible. Our role varies from IP strategy and planning, to executing and actively managing the licensing program.


The Tala Finger Splint is a Game-Changing New Way to Treat Finger Injuries

Licensing Consulting Group is pleased to announce the Tala Finger Splint is now available for licensing. The patent-pending design immobilizes and straightens injured fingers, preventing hyperextension and dislocation. It also provides movement and mobility so the hand can continue to function normally. The Tala Finger Splint helps prevent and heal […]

How to Use Licensing To Turn Carbon Credits into Royalty Revenue

Licensing is one of the most flexible strategies for generating revenues with IP. A big part of its flexibility is the different ways of creating licensing deals. One example is royalty calculations and payments. Most often, this is based on income from sales revenues. But one size doesn’t always fit […]

Is Your IP a “Turnkey Solution” Licensing Opportunity?

Improving a business whether it’s through new products or services, expanding production or increasing efficiency is often time-consuming, and in the case of R&D, can be risky and costly. But it’s also the lifeblood of just about every business especially if they are in a highly competitive marketplace. And that’s […]