Summary of Technology

Click It Picket® is a white picket fence kit in a wheeled storage container. Each unit forms a steel fence frame that is 42”x 96” long where the user can easily transport to their desired location and assemble a fence structure to any length or configuration.

  • U.S. Patent No.: …………….. 9,631,396
  • Canadian Patent: …………. 2820331
  • European Patent: …………. EP 2677097
  • U.S Trademark No. “Click It Picket®” ….. 4296105
  • U.S. Trademark No. “Do It Yourself Fence” … 87435164

Do it Yourself Fence – Fully Patented items

  1. Click it Picket Connector – Spring Button
  2. 2 or More pieces to form top and bottom rails
  3. Spring clip to attach slats
  4. Kit- Wheeled storage container (this I believe is very important since many companies would love to put their fence in a wheeled storage container)
  5. (These are not all the Patents cover, but are some of the important items, the fence can be made from PVC, Plastic, & Metal as used for Click it Picket)

Do it Yourself Fence Frame –  Provisional Patent items

  1. 1 Piece to form top and bottom rails
  2. Construction, screening & permanent Fencing frames using our connector to form a fence frame. (this is also important since many companies destroy/ recycle damaged fence frames, due to it not be cost effective to repair. Our kit allows the user to remove damage section and replace with new.)
  3. Do it yourself fence frame- allows user to assemble a fence frame without the need of welding. (note the frames can be made from PVC, Plastic & metal as shown in Patent) Once again these are some of the items that the patent covers.

Benefits of Technology

Click It Picket®’s unique patented and novel approach to fencing can be installed
without the use of tools or auxiliary equipment.

  1. Equipment
    1. Any vehicle can be used.
  2.  Labor
    1. One person to set up and remove.
    2. Ease to move with rolling storage case.
    3. Very low to none L&I claims- since kits are rolled to the desired location.
    4. Less time required since a complete unit, including stands, are in one kit.
  3.  Transportation
    1. Kits are standing, so no slippage occurs.
    2. Panels are in kits no damage from loading and unloading.
  4.  Storage
    1. Small footprint – 12” by 12”. (1 square foot)
  5.  Maintenance
    1. None

Temporary Fencing Panels Market

Non-residential areas, such as exhibitions, concerts, special events and local council work sites, among others hold the prominent market share in the temporary fencing panels market and the demand for temporary and plastic fencing is increasing, which in turn, accelerates market growth. Temporary fencing panels are also in demand in residential areas for safety and security purposes, which is another factor fueling the growth of the temporary fencing panels market.

Some features, such as durability, reusability, low cost and negligible maintenance, increase the demand for temporary fencing panels, which in turn triggers the growth of the temporary fencing panels market. Temporary fencing panels are required by government law in some countries, such as China and Australia during the construction of swimming pools and spas before they are filled with water or permanent fencing must be installed around the pool. This factor is an important driver for the temporary fencing panels market.