Summary of Technology

The technology is designed for power toothbrushes, and whitens teeth faster and improves gum health in as little as 2 weeks. Its eye safety feature enables the use of a high-intensity microbial killing blue light, and test results confirmed it whitens teeth 25% faster with significant reductions in microbial and plaque levels.

Key Benefits

  • Oralucent patented blue light safety technology delivers the most advanced toothbrush innovation for teeth whitening, gum care, and improved oral health.
  • The Oralucent blue light technology whitens teeth 25% faster than the current blue light toothbrushes
  • Combining Oralucent with a whitening toothpaste delivers the same whitening benefits in 2 minutes of daily brushing  as teeth whitening systems requiring 30 minutes or more per treatment
  • Brushing with Oralucent and a whitening gel 2 minutes per day for 60 days delivers the same teeth whitening benefit as a one dental whitening treatment
  • Prototype test results confirmed customers experiencing improved gum health and teeth whitening benefits in as little as 2 weeks.
  • The patented eye safety feature enables the use of a high-intensity microbial killing blue light
  • The patented eye safety technology qualifies it for the FDA 510k or de Novo Submission process
  • Production costs are similar to current powered toothbrush costs
  • Uses standard components available from a variety of sources

Summary of Patents

The current signal loop patents, which are granted (US Patents US 9,198,502 B2 and US 9,439,503 B2), have several advantages over the other types of light activation sensors which are covered by our pending patents:

  • CSL requires the bristles to be wet (either with saliva, bottled or tap water) before light can be activated
  • CSL requires the toothbrush to be held in the hand and the bristles of the toothbrush to be in contact with the oral cavity for activation
  • CSL will operate even when the bristles are only in contact with the incisor teeth
  • CSL is very difficult to circumvent even when not used as described
  • Unlike other sensor modes, CSL does not suffer from a variety of conditions that trigger false positives or false negatives which could be unsafe or frustrating to the end-user.
  • CSL is simple and inexpensive to implement compared to other sensor types and can be incorporated into multiple types of toothbrushes including sonic, spin brush and manual toothbrushes.