MingleMee Dating App Management Platform – The first mobile app platform that offers users one simple profile uploading and one-click access to popular dating sites worldwide

Multi Dating Site Registration App


Sept. 22, 2022, Newport Beach, California Licensing Consulting Group is pleased to announce that the MingleMee dating app management platform is now available for licensing. This platform makes it simpler, easier, faster, less cumbersome, and more efficient for users to sign up and manage their dating site life. 

Dating sites are increasing in number every single year. Forbes reports that more than 1000 dating sites are launched yearly in the US. The increasing number of dating sites means singles have more choices among thousands of dating sites. While it’s good, the industry is growing and not improving the user experience.

Singles can use different dating sites one at a time or multiple sites simultaneously. That makes it more challenging for singles. It’s time-consuming, and no standardized system/set of requirements applies to multiple sites. Accounts on different dating sites require different patterns of profiles and various ratios of profile pictures, videos, bio, interests, etc. Singles must answer dozens, if not hundreds, of questions for their profile. They answer the same questions and repeatedly upload their images, videos, and profile. 

How the MingleMee Platform Solves the Dating Sites Challenges

This platform provides the user an easy and simple way in all aspects. For users, it provides an easy way to manage their dating sites:

  • The user’s profile is easy to create, and it’s a one-time activity.
  • Regardless of their dating site choices, they can easily upload information to multiple sites quickly with ONE CLICK.
  • There is no repetitive filling out and uploading of the same information on various dating sites they’ve chosen.
  • All subscriptions and billing information is in one place and easy to manage.
  • Profiles are easy to update and modify for each dating site with ONE CLICK.
  • Compatible with all operating systems making it easy for users to signup with their smartphone devices.

For dating site operators and developers, the platform will:

  • Simplify the signing up to the dating site from an android or iOS device.
  • Capitalize on multi-homing customers.
  • Enhance relationships with customers and brands on multiple sites.
  • Monetize customer signups on numerous sites.
  • Provide a proprietary platform with branding and customization options.

Finding a partner for single people is already a challenge. Users shouldn’t experience the same challenge when signing up for dating sites. The MingleMee dating site platform solves that problem.

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 CONTACT: To find out more about licensing opportunities for the MingleMee Dating App Platform, please contact:

Rand Brenner

CEO, Licensing Consulting Group

Tel: (646) 395-9572

Email: rbrenner@licensingcg.com

Website: www.licensingcg.com


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