TAS Airway Device – New patented airway management device enhances oxygen delivery, enables accurate CO2 monitoring, and improves current devices for better and safer patient airway management treatments.

Newport Beach, California — Licensing Consulting Group is pleased to announce that the TAS Airway Management Devices is now available for licensing. This new series of airway management devices are operationally cost-effective, adapt to current devices, and provide a better experience for patient treatment.

The airway device ensures an obstruction-free and open pathway for air exchange. There are many different types of airway management devices in the market; however, the typical devices are passive. Due to this limitation, the medical attendants cannot give quick respiratory aid to the patient to relieve their symptoms.

TAS developed the device in response to medical attendants modifying currently available airway management devices for their patients. To address this need, the devices by Triangle Airway Solutions include nasal and oral airway adapters that quickly connect to current airway devices. The TAS device’s retrofitted and integrated design gives this series an edge over other typical airway management devices.

The new integrated design of this device is an arrangement of adapters and custom airway tubes, i.e., separate for airway product oral and nasal. It is easy to handle and use, does not require much pre-training and will enable medical attendants to treat patients swiftly, saving time in emergencies. Furthermore, the retrofit design makes this series a modular device that can be used with existing nasal trumpets and oral airway products.


Another advantage is patient comfort. The patient has a relatively stress-free experience as this new design is not very bulky and doesn’t hinder manipulation. The typical devices may also cause discomfort in patients due to poor change of position, which may lead to various complications and symptoms.

Hospitals and other medical facilities such as clinics can quickly adapt the device since they would not have to buy new nasal trumpets and oral airways. The cost for the connectors and adapters is small and significantly improves the current airway devices. Plus, clinics and hospitals have a higher margin because they do not need to purchase adapters, connectors, or airways separately.

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