Jurassic Fishing Reel

Travel fishing reel and tackle box in one! Convenient, compact, and easy to use! Fish anywhere, anytime!

Repelon Smart Cleaner Formulation

Cleaning formulation for use on multi-surfaces to provide anti-static and dust repelling protection up to a week, shines and polishes any surface, is biodegradable, and absolutely safe for family use.

Hammertoe Surgical implant Device

This patented hammertoe fusion device is made with shape memory material, provides compression and stability, allows accurate placement, prevents slipping, and requires no special tools for the surgical procedure.

Discovering Diabetes

The Discovering Diabetes system is a research-tested inquiry-based method of instruction. Developed 15 years ago, the program is proven effective with both type 1 and 2 diabetes patients in helping them learn and make informed self-care lifestyle changing decisions based on their blood glucose results and experience.

Ulnar Nerve Elbow Brace

A patented ulnar brace to treat tendinitis at the elbow and other injuries plaguing the elbow area.

Adjustable Arm Sling

Unique patented design easily adjusts arm sling to raise hand above heart for optimal healing after surgery or injury.

Desk Surfer

Patent pending balance platform with adjustable air filled bladder allows adjustable stability and 360º of rotation with up to 20 degrees of deflection.

Anti-Clogging Ventricular Catheter

Ventricular catheter with a membrane tip to filter CSF and prevent obstruction and clogging.

Articular Facet Clamp

An innovative technology for cervical and lumbar spines, it resolves the problem of destabilization and complex spinal deformities.

Spring Assisted Cranial Clamp

A spring-assisted cranial clamp creates a dynamic, reactive and reversible fixation that allows the flap to accommodate swelling.

Blue Light Power Toothbrush

Patented blue light safety technology delivers the most advanced toothbrush innovation for teeth whitening, gum care, and improved oral health.

Click It Picket Portable Fencing

Click It Picket® is a temporary portable fencing kit in a wheeled storage container that is easy to transport and assemble to any length or configuration.