The Patented AMY Automatic Rescue Breathing device

Rescue Breathing Controversy

  • The process of rescue breathing during CPR is a complex one that requires multiple steps performed simultaneously under stress.
  • Even when performed correctly, mouth-to-mouth only delivers 16-17% oxygen, which is insufficient and potentially dangerous.

That has made it difficult for individuals to perform rescue breathing, reducing the chances of patient survival.

Simple and Effective

  • The easy to use device enables anyone to effectively deliver correct rescue breathing with 100% oxygen.
  • It significantly improves the recovery outcomes for cardiac arrest and child drowning victims.

Key Features

Easy to use and suits first
responders and EMS

Eliminates the need for mouth
to mouth contact

Automatically sets breathing
parameters based on mask size

Enables the delivery of 100%
oxygen – a critical factor in
recovery success.

Simplifies the skills needed to
deliver rescue breaths

Efficient Oxygen Delivery

Delivers consistent supply of oxygen tailored to individual requirements

Provides intermittent breath delivery with customizable pauses

Adheres to AHA Guidelines

Conserves energy and minimizes fatigue

Correct Fit For All
Patient Types

Ensures a proper fit and effective treatment

Automatically Tailors Air And Oxygen Flow

Minimizes the risk of complications

Adjusts flow levels
based on mask size

Guarantees the right amount of oxygen

Prevents Excessive Ventilation

  • Reduces risks of complications
  • Indicates airway obstruction
  • Ensures prompt action to open the airway

How AMY Compares To The Competition

Feedback from lifeguards and EMS professionals support the benefits of the AMY Rescue Breathing Device

Adjustable Flow

Oxygen Resuscitation System (manual adj.)

Portable & Transport Ventilators

Bag Valve Mask Resuscitators

Oxygen Resuscitation System (manual adj.)

Protective Pack

Pocket Mask


O-Two* PAR

Highly dependent on
technique & experience

* Not recommended for
children under 7.

Licensing Information

AMY Portable Rescue Breathing Device
– The AED of Rescue Breathing

4 US Patents

Market Opportunities – Emergency Responders, Healthcare, Outdoor Safety, Ambulatory Services, Senior Care Facilities, and More.


Rand Brenner
CEO, Licensing Consulting Group