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BYOYL Health & Well-Being Educational Video Content Library
Dan Siegel,MD
Kelly McGonigal,PhD
Dr. Michael Beckwith
Amishi Jha, PhD
Richard J. Davidson, PhD
Koya Webb
150 World-Class Experts Helping to Support Physical, Social, and Mental Health & Well-Being
Our health and well-being video education library is perfect for companies who need quality content, with a total health and well-being approach.
Enhancing your employee benefit offerings with our health and well-being video library is the perfect addition to well-being initiatives.
Increase Employee Well-Being and Effectiveness
BYOYL videos share tools, skills, and mindsets that support individual and collective well-being within organizations
Our library of on-demand workplace well-being content provides support to your employees whenever and wherever they need it.
Enhance your team's mental, physical and emotional well-being and improve effectiveness at work through on-demand video sessions or summits.
Flexible Content
Licensing Options
Licensing Information
BYOYL is licensing this extensive library of health and well-being content to corporate wellness companies, HR departments, and other well-being professionals to build or supplement a comprehensive people and corporate well-being program.

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