An innovative new medication management storage system effectively reduces prescription confusion and increases patient compliance.

medi Pill Pal Features


Six bins are organized according to the time of day that the medication is taken.


Two pockets inside the cabinet door allow quick and easy access to the daily and weekly pill carriers, vital records, and personal documents.


The safety lock ensures everything is safe, and secure, away from children and especially those with advancing Alzheimer's and dementia, who sometimes have a tendency to throw things away


The cabinet is easy to move from room to room and secured in place with locking spinner wheels.

The patented cabinet is designed for centralized medication storage, security, and convenient access.

An easy system to organize all health and wellness products.

Reduces non-compliance, dosage issues, and medication liability

Secures and protects medication efficacy

What Customers Say About Medi PillPal

“Before we got the Medi PillPal® we were very unorganized, but didn’t know any other other way! This was new territory for us. We have all been healthy, and never faced with medicine management, we were suddenly plunged into a sea of bottles and prescriptions and appointments. The Medi PillPal® keeps all of Mom’s things in one place and locked, so she can’t throw away the medications, as we were experiencing with her advancing mental challenges.”

“The Medi PillPal® is priceless! I am in the health and medical insurance industry and I go into many people’s homes and see exactly how households manage their medications and records pertaining to their health, directives, etc., and it is alarming, to say the least. It is no surprise why hospitals have so many admissions due to overdose or mismanagement of medications.”

“My husband and I have several medical issues and take over 30 medications a day between the two of us, plus supplements and ointments etc. We each have our own Medi PillPal® and have called it our “life saver and sanity keeper.”

“When I first saw the Medi PillPal® cabinet, I was blown away as to how this would have been so beneficial for all my clients in their homes and assisted living facilities. It speaks to every need in medicine management that an aide, family member, or person living alone has. I can definitely tell you from experience that one of the most challenging aspects of home health care is medication management and record-keeping, which is so overwhelming for many, and this addresses them all and on many levels.”

“There is a growing crisis in-home health management. Every insurance company in America should provide one of these as standard equipment in American households. It would save them millions in liability claims!”

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