Patent Pending Colorful Finger Splints Designed for PROTECTION, MOBILITY, and DURABILITY

Unique Design

Patented design protects injured fingers and promotes healing while allowing air ventilation around the area, giving it complete security, breathability, and mobility.

Comfortable & Durable

For everyday use, TALA provides a new, more desirable-looking high-quality medical-grade finger splint that’s durable for any type of sports activity.

Easy to Use

Tala splints provide comfort and protection without wrapping a bandage and an easy on and off process while washing your hands or taking a shower (it’s also waterproof).


  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • H CPCS Code: L3809 (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding)
  • 2 Degree Tapered Fit For Contouring the Fingers
  • 100% Waterproof
  • ABS Substrate For Durability and Stability
  • Air Flow Vents For Breathability
  • Chemically Bonded Santoprene For a Stronger Seal
  • Dual Material Over Mold Protection and Security
  • Washable
  • Long-Lasting

Introduced at MedTrade West

"Great Idea – Never Seen Anything Like It"
Cynthia Moeller
Kal Medical Supplies | Salt Lake City
"I’ll sell the “Bleep” out of these"
Wade Williams
President Medical Device Specialty | Salt Lake
“People will prefer this over the current splints on the Market”
Ed Manzo
Military Medical Supplies | Anaheim

More Information

Ready for immediate manufacture and sale. Additional designs for toes are under development.