Ulnar Nerve Elbow Brace

A patented ulnar brace to treat tendinitis at the elbow and other injuries plaguing the elbow area.

Unique Design

Isolates point of injury from contact with brace and other surfaces. Displaces pressure and friction away from the ulnar nerve.

Comfortable & Easy to Wear

Designed to cushion elbow area, it’s easy to use and is specifically contoured to enhance comfort. It can be worn at work, while sleeping and during physical activities.

Higher Compliance and Faster Healing

Allows the point of injury time to heal, decompress and prevents further injuries from occurring. Solves the problem of non-compliance due to the nerves becoming irritated and painful doing everyday activities, at night while sleeping, sitting at a desk, or throwing a ball, which slows recovery.

IP Status

Ready for immediate manufacture and sale.

More Information

Contact: rand@licensingcg.com