Vividose Syringe Design And Colored Seals
Better Visibility And Readability For Accurate Medication Delivery
Significantly Improves Measuring Accuracy
Reduces dosage risks from too little or too much
Improves accuracy of dosage reading (i.e., critical for administration to children at lower dose levels)
Easier to read medication amount on the volume line indicators
Better visibility for home patients and healthcare providers
Facilitates and standardizes syringe usage with color codes seals
Reduces user interference errors caused by inconsistent labeling practices
Color coding seals help reduce medication errors or potentially dangerous medication mix-ups
Reduces search time for labeled medication during busy procedure
Provides Better Labeling Protocols
Now Available For Licensing
Utility and design patents for syringes and colored seals
Standalone syringe or integrated into current syringes
Home and health care markets
More Information
Rand Brenner
Licensing Consulting Group

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