Health and well-being support in the workplace is critical to ensuring employee success, happiness, and sustainability. We are often reminded of the negative impact of poor lifestyle choices on the rising incidence of long-term health conditions and diseases. That can affect performance, sick days, and career longevity. Investing in employee well-being through improving health knowledge and promotion can reduce these risks and positively impact the individual and your organization.

Health and well-being are becoming more critical in the workplace. Best Year of Our Life, an international live online Event Production Company, is offering its health and well-being content library to licensing partners. This unique content can help support physical, social, and mental health in the workplace and at home.

“The Best Year of Your Life Video Library (BYOYL) delivers the world’s best health & well-being content library across all industries globally, said Fleet Mull, CEO of BYOYL Summits. “Our expertly curated videos will inspire, engage & activate people in today’s world.”

BYOYL brings together the brightest minds, thought leaders & senior-level audiences worldwide. They deliver unrivaled value through their video content themes which provide employers with the educational tools to build or supplement a comprehensive People & Well-being program.

The video library will inspire, engage, and activate people in today’s world. Every BYOYL content theme provides leaders and employers with the educational tools to build or supplement a comprehensive people and well-being program. With health and well-being becoming increasingly important, this content can help organizations create a positive work environment for employees.

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