Is Your Intellectual Property Overprotected and Underperforming?

In the world of entrepreneurship, intellectual property (IP) often stands as a valuable pillar for innovation and future growth. Yet, too many business visionaries fall prey to the ‘overprotection’ trap, expending unnecessary resources on intricate IP strategies that yield little in the way of actual return. This comprehensive guide is […]

IP Licensing in the Mining Industry: Tapping the Hidden Deposit of Intellectual Property Rights

The mining sector stands as a testament to human ingenuity and brute force, with each excavation revealing precious minerals and the fruits of technological innovation. Intellectual Property (IP) in mining is not just a legal construct but a shield against infringement and a key to prosperity. Understanding IP and licensing […]

The Changing Value of Intellectual Property and How It Impacts Business Value

In today’s business landscape, one of the most valuable assets your company can possess is intellectual property (IP). IP is any creation of the mind, such as an invention, artistic work, or a symbol or design. Its value has changed rapidly in recent years and can significantly impact a company’s […]

How Licensing Your Technology Can Accelerate Your Business Growth

In today’s technology-driven, competitive marketplace, staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever. That means having access to the best and latest technology and getting it into the market quickly. But how can you do that? The answer is licensing technology. This post will explore how an Irish-based […]

Is Your IP More Valuable Inside Someone Else’s Product?

Sometimes an IP is more valuable inside someone else’s product than as your own standalone product. Instead of spending all your money on manufacturing, distribution and sales, licensing your IP to companies who in turn integrate it into their products and pay you a licensing fee for every product sold is a smart business strategy.

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