How to Use Licensing to Capitalize on New Med-Tech Market Opportunities

The MedTech industry is one of the fastest-growing, most lucrative markets around. It’s also one of the most rapidly changing industries, with technological advances and increased patent filings. This makes it difficult for smaller players to keep up with the big ones. But there’s a way to level the playing […]

How to Capitalize on A Healthy Market Opportunity for Your “Wellness” IP

The $1.5 trillion wellness market is growing. Thanks to the pandemic market, consumers are now prioritizing their health and well-being. McKinsey’s consumer research indicates a massive shift toward personalization in the wellness industry. Consumers are willing to share personal data for more customized services, recommendations, and treatments. Wearables and fitness […]

How a Vertical Licensing Strategy Can Increase Your Royalty Revenue

Many IP owners often think of licensing to one partner for all markets as the licensing strategy. But that usually leaves money on the table, especially if your IP is adaptable to different types of industries and markets. In the business world, the vertical business model means focusing or going […]

How to Use Licensing to Scale Your Cannabis Business “Nationally”

When a cannabis testing company with three labs wanted to expand its operations, it faced a daunting challenge. The federal ban on interstate marijuana shipments meant they must open their labs in each state, requiring time and money. But that wasn’t their only option. Instead, they decided to license their […]

Are You Overlooking Licensing in Your Marketing Strategy?

If licensing isn’t part of your marketing strategy, you can miss some new income opportunities. Licensing is often thought of as a separate strategy – either we use licensing to generate revenues or sell our products directly. But that’s the wrong way to think about licensing. On the contrary, licensing […]

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