Licensing Consulting Group specializes on the business development side of IP

In today’s economy, speed to market is the difference between success and failure. The lines between industries and markets are blurring as new technologies reshape the competitive landscape. Today the most successful startups and businesses realize markets and customers won’t wait until they get there. If they don’t deliver to their customers someone else will. Companies around the world are getting out of the R&D business, and instead are creating partnerships with innovative startups to fill their product pipelines and customer markets .

That’s why licensing is such an effective strategy. It’s the fastest way to get your product or technologies into the marketplace. If your IP is developed, the technology is validated, and you’ve tested it with customers, it’s ready to license.


Our services focus on one goal: capitalizing on your IP to generate revenue in as many ways as possible. Our role varies from IP strategy and planning, to executing and actively managing the licensing program.

Whether you are a start-up looking for a faster way to get market traction, an operating business looking for new revenue opportunities, or an inventor with a market-ready product or technology, we’ll help you capitalize on your licensing opportunities.