PATENTED Fried Food Cooking Process Technology

LCG was engaged to develop and implement a licensing out program for a patent-pending food preparation and cooking technology developed at the University of Arkansas. The cooking process technology makes baked chicken (and other proteins) taste fried with 60% less fat. Engagement included analyzing competitive patents, identifying potential licensing partners, developing a licensing plan, preparing royalty revenue projections, a licensing information package and outreach communication materials. LCG successfully engaged the largest food production, chicken processing and ingredient companies to evaluate the IP for licensing including Dow Agrosciences, Cargill, DuPont Nutrition and Health, Griffith Labratories (ingredient suppliers), Kerry Flavors & Ingredients, Koch Foods (Chicken processor), Penford Food Ingredients, Pinnacle Food Groups, Simmons Food (Chicken suppliers), Southeastern Mills (Ingredients), and Tate & Lyle (Ingredient).

Patented Hair Color Packaging Technology

LCG was engaged to license out rights to patented packaging design and dispensing system for professional salons and the consumer market. Assignment included negotiating deal with one of the world’s largest hair care a beauty products companies, L’Oréal. LCG led discussions with product evaluation teams and in house legal counsel, advised on structuring royalty rates, and negotiated deal terms.

Movie Franchise Rights for Location Based Entertainment

LCG was engaged to manage licensing in of entertainment movie franchises for location based entertainment in China and Asia. Activities included contacting and identifying properties available for licensing, delivering company capabilities presentations, preparing and delivering licensing proposals, negotiating terms for the licensing agreements and managing the licensor relationships. LCG successfully negotiated and closed licensing deals for Terminator Genesys movie with Paramount/Skydancer Studios; The Fast and the Furious movie franchise with Universal Studios; Transformers franchise from Hasbro Studios.

patented sound technology for non-medical treatment

Patented sound technology for non-medical treatment of sleep disorders, addiction, surgery recovery, trauma and well-being. LCG developed a subscription /per user licensing program that lowered the initial cost to license the software and hardware. The company implemented this licensing program to expand sales into new markets.

Virtual World Sponsorship Rights

LCG advised, developed and implemented a sponsorship program for interactive brand and product placement inside the virtual world game.

Kids Character Licensing

A new character brand and non-profit organization dedicated to educating kids about obesity, eating health and being a positive role model for others. LCG advised on the development and implementation of a character licensing program, and assisted the company in securing its first promotional partner.

fortune 500 workplace safety training program

LCG was engaged to develop a licensing out program for clients’ Fortune 500 manufacturing workplace safety training seminars and workshops. LCG consulted on auditing and packaging training modules, and strategies to license client internal HR departments. LCG also advised and developed licensing strategy for international third-party consultants in Singapore.