LCG was engaged to manage the inbound licensing initiatives for an international location-based entertainment company.  LCG successfully identified and negotiated international licensing agreements for major movie franchises including the Fast & The Furious, Terminator Genysis, and Transformers for LBE rights in China.


cracklebaked technologyA new patent-pending food preparation technology developed at the University of Arkansas, makes baked chicken (and other proteins) taste fried with 60% less fat. LCG successfully engaged a number of global food production and ingredient supplier companies to evaluate the IP including Dow, Cargill, Simmons, and others.


LCG was engaged to develop a licensing out program for clients’ Fortune 500 manufacturing workplace safety training seminars and workshops. LCG consulted on auditing and packaging training modules, and strategies to license client internal HR departments. LCG also advised and developed licensing strategy for international third-party consultants in Singapore.


prescriptionaudio_logoPatented sound technology therapy for non-medical treatment of sleep disorders, addiction, surgery recovery, trauma and well-being. LCG developed a licensing model enabling the company to increase sales and expand its customer base.


botPatented outdoor entertainment center for sporting event tailgating parties. LCG assisted in securing the licensing rights for major sports brands including professional and collegiate football. The company leveraged these brands to secure distribution into major sporting goods chains.


loopropePatented device for use with an elastic tie down bands. LCG advised management on its licensing options and developed a licensing deal with an international manufacturer that expanded the product and brand into European markets.