comby fashion pants Licensing Consulting Group is excited to introduce Combys, a new patent-pending legging/denim jeans design.

The new design for everyday wear distinguishes itself from the competition with its proprietary denim/leggings combination for pants and shorts. Combys provides functionality, quality, and comfort. The innovative jeans are not only statement pieces but also certain to become go-to pieces for all occasions.

This stylish and versatile design is suited for casual or business wear. Additionally, they are easy to accessorize, have a premium look, and are great for everyday wear.

Long a fashionable clothing style, jeans are a staple of many wardrobes because of their comfort and versatility. Unlike leggings which often lack function and durability, Combys jean design provides the comfort customers seek and the features they like such as denim durability, multiple pockets, and a work-appropriate appearance.

Not only stylish and comfortable, but Combys also fits the market trends by capitalizing on a demand for “premium products” that offer differentiation in design, quality, and functionality.


Licensing Consulting Group is now licensing this unique trend-setting legging/denim jeans design. Interested brands and marketers can contact LCG to learn more about licensing this cutting-edge fashion design set to revolutionize the industry.

About Combys: Combys is a patent-pending new jeans product design that combines leggings and denim. The versatile jeans provide comfort and style that are appropriate for both everyday wear and business casual.

About The Licensing Consulting Group: Licensing Consulting Group focuses on the business development side of intellectual property. Their services are centered on one goal: capitalizing on a client’s intellectual property to generate revenue in as many ways as possible. Their responsibilities range from intellectual property strategy and planning to executing and actively managing the licensing program.

LCG assists clients in managing and using their intellectual property assets to generate revenues, increase business value, and capitalize on new market opportunities. LCG offers the know-how, experience, and capabilities to license all types of IP, whether it is licensing out intellectual property to improve the bottom line or acquiring IP to gain a competitive advantage.

CONTACT: Please contact Licensing Consulting Group to learn more about licensing Combys patent-pending fashion design.

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