EKG cables often tangle and become unmanageable, making the operation of an EKG very difficult and time-consuming. Wrapping the wires, knotting them together, or yanking on them to untangle the cables leads to kinking, cable fraying, or lead breaking, eventually causing cable damage and consequently frequent expensive cable replacement to prevent inaccuracy in the testing data.

Tangled cables are a significant detriment to the quick and effective use of an EKG, especially for an accurate reading vital to the doctors, medical staff, and patients.

The EzKG Solution

The EzKG is a state-of-the-art advanced portable ECG machine that eliminates all drawbacks of traditional ECG machines. The EzKG innovative retractable cable management system makes it super easy to use and removes the issue of tangled wires.

The EzKG is a programmable device for individual patient data, i.e., name, age, present symptoms, etc. Furthermore, the EzKG is Bluetooth enabled for transmitting data from the device to the printer, text, or email.

EzKG vs. the Competition

The EzKG provides a seamless experience for patients and technicians or paramedic staff. The compact design and retractable cable system of EzKG set it apart from other mainstream ECG machines used widely by healthcare professionals.

Typical ECG machines are bulky and heavy, and the dangling 6 feet cables make them very awkward and difficult to use, wasting precious time. The EzKG design saves time in testing and reduces patient stress by minimizing the visibility, presence, and handling of the leads from the ECG machine.

The EzKG is wireless-enabled, and the patient’s ECG data can be transferred to relevant individual(s) via Bluetooth, email, or directly to a printer for immediate review by onsite or offsite technicians or paramedics. This feature saves critical time in cardiac emergencies allowing well-informed treatment of patients with on-time diagnostics.

Its compact design weighs only 6 pounds, and the onboard battery backup enables its use in remote locations and vehicles. Moreover, the EzKG can be quickly wall mounted for charging and pole mounted during use; its unique, clever design makes it ideal for grab-and-go use and hanging in emergency vehicles.

An Innovative Design for a Fast-Growing Global Market Opportunity

The EzKG compact design is innovative and profitable. Manufacturers can source internal components and cables from FDA-approved suppliers. The proprietary retractable cable system can be integrated into a current ECG housing design or offered in a new portable ECG device. Either way, EzKG’s portable design, combined with its proprietary cable retraction system, is ideally positioned to capitalize on the fast-growing global market for smaller, more compact, mobile ECG monitoring systems.

Now Available for Licensing

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