The two main activities necessary to create a licensing deal are finding a company interested in your IP and convincing them of the commercial value a license provides them.


The goal of your marketing is to create licensing transactions. It’s accomplished by reaching the right licensing marketplace and creating a buzz – requests for information, email and phone dialog and licensing offers. The key is to communicate often and reach qualified licensing partners in the right forum.

Create a briefing document about your IP that is short, concise, and details a list of benefits and applications of your IP. Make sure it quickly establishes why and how your IP fits the licensees business. For example, if you’ve developed a new industrial cleaning technology, be sure to detail why its a better solution (i.e. faster, better or lower cost) for a company in that business. The right fit reduces the risk, and makes it more likely the potential partner will consider the licensing opportunity.

Trade Shows are one of the best ways to find and meet potential licensing partners. There are trade shows for just about every industry. You can attend as an exhibitor or visitor, and use the show to start promoting your licensing opportunity. Two sources for trade shows are Trade Shows News Network and Events in America.

Create a website that explains the licensing opportunity. Use social media to connect and build a network of potential licensing partners. Some of these include Entrepreneur Connect, Partner Connect, Startup Nation, and LinkedIn. Focus your marketing activities on driving licensing partners to your website to get information about your IP.

Use B to B websites that target specific markets and industries (such as publishing, consumer products or software) to start conversations with potential partners. Check out and for a list of b-to-b sites. Post blog articles and other information about your IP and get their opinion. You learn about their interests and tailor information about your IP and how it can increase their revenues.

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Online IP buyer and seller exchanges make it easier for IP owners and companies looking for IP to find each other. You can list your IP licensing opportunity, and receive inquires from companies interested in your IP. Some of these include,,, New Idea Trade, and others.

Success in marketing your IP requires using all the different tools to connect with licensing partners. These include interactive communications with IP buyers, in person and on-line presentations, and providing the relevant information about your licensing opportunity in a variety of formats.


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