I often speak with startups and experienced business owners about different ways they can use licensing to make their business more profitable. And I always get the same response – why has no one ever told them about these strategies before!

That’s when I realized I needed to offer a training program just for startups and business owners to share the secrets of how to use licensing to launch a startup and grow a business.

So that’s what I did. You’ll learn all about these and other profitable licensing strategies during the upcoming LIVE training and coaching clinic “Licensing Secrets Every Startup and Business Owner Must Know”. You can register for this free online live coaching clinic at:

Licensing Secrets Free Coaching Clinic

Here’s a short summary of some of the secrets I’ll be sharing during this live coaching clinic:

• How to ride fast growth trends and offer hot selling products without any research and development costs. Today many companies grow up using licensing. They are well aware that the right license could transform their business overnight. I saw this first hand during my studio days licensing two big kids entertainment properties. When they caught fire, many of these companies literally did explode into overnight successes. While an IP that goes from zero to hero is the exception and not the norm, in this fast moving and rapidly changing marketplace, new opportunities are popping up every day.

• How to get your products into distribution channels without building the channels yourself. Increasing sales, especially to larger customers, doesn’t mean larger selling expenses. One way is licensing a larger company and giving them rights to big customers, such as Fortune 50 companies. This is an example of a distribution licensing strategy. This type of license allows your licensing partner to buy the product directly from you (or another licensee) for distribution in a specific market.

• How to borrow the star power of other brands to open doors for your products and services. Leveraging another brand through licensing reduces the big risks and costs of trying to build a brand from scratch. You get instant customer recognition and can focus all your money on promoting and selling your product. For any startup or business in a highly competitive or rapidly changing market, such as health care or cannabis, brand licensing is one of the best strategies to successfully get a new product into the market.

• How to use IP and licensing to increase the value of your startup or operating business when you decide to sell it. Licensing revenue goes right to your the bottom line, increasing your profit margins and the value “multiplier” for your business. Licensing royalty revenues create higher value because the “production costs” are much lower (effectively zero) than to produce a product. And in some cases, your licensee’s resources and efforts will also increase the value of your business — your credibility and goodwill — far beyond the royalty income generated.

• How to use IP and licensing to finance your business with debt or equity. Intellectual property is one of the most valuable and versatile business assets. In addition to generating income, it’s also a fund-able asset for debt and equity financing. IP financing is a multi-billion dollar market that’s still in its initial stages. It’s been widely used in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, and now businesses from many other industries are using their IP assets to take advantage of this funding option.

If you’re a startup or a business owner and licensing is NOT part of your core business strategy, then you need to register for this free training and coaching clinic. You’ll get a chance to ask questions about your startup or business and how you can use licensing to grow and expand it.

This live online coaching clinic is next week on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, at 12 pm Pacific or 3 pm eastern. You can register at the link below:

Licensing Secrets Free Coaching Clinic

As a bonus for registering, you’ll get a copy of a special report, “3 Secret Business Success Factors to Survive and Thrive”.

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