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Finding IP licensing opportunities can be a full time job. Unless you have a full time IP scout who is constantly looking at thousand of IP opportunities, it’s a challenge to figure out where to look.

Many large sources of IP developers are recognizing the need to make it easier for small businesses to learn about their IP licensing opportunities. An example is Sandia National Labs ( a government funded research & development center. Sandia has set up initiatives over the last several years to make licensing its technology easier, and those technologies easier to find.

Today’s fastest growing companies are companies built on intellectual property. The sheer diversity of IP and circumstances surrounding its creation can make it challenging to find the right type of IP for your business. IP is valuable it solves a specific problem, fills a big need, or creates a new marketplace. The value of a good IP for your business goes up exponentially if it prevents competitors from competing against you.

Finding a good IP that give you a competitive advantage for a relatively low cost makes it worth the effort. The best approach is to understand what type of IP you are searching for, such as a new patented product or technology that is ready to commercialize, or a big brand that can be added to your product line.

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