Successful marketing of medical devices takes more than just a great product. It takes communicating that product’s potential in a compelling way. Use the right marketing strategy, and you’ll set yourself apart from the competition. Use the wrong one, and you wind up creating a marketing nightmare.

The question is what’s the right marketing strategy? Is it:

  • Evidence-based marketing that relies on research, studies, and appeal to buyers and add credibility to your claims; or
  • Relationship-based marketing, sharing stories from customers or painting a picture of how different someone’s life could be if your device solved their health problem.

The problem is your competing for your customer’s attention and you’re up against all the other medical device marketers competing for their attention!

The result is many great med tech devices fall by the wayside because they aren’t marketed in a way that sets them apart from the competition and motivates the customer to buy.

Marketing medical devices is confusing and more complicated than marketing low-cost consumer products. But it doesn’t need to be. If you know what to do and how to do it.

And the best place to find out is at is the upcoming Med Tech Marketing Summit on October 22nd in Irvine Ca. This one day conference features top industry experts in med tech marketing, branding, sales and licensing.


You’ll hear from industry experts who will discuss how to recognize these emerging trends and capitalize on them to grow and expand your business. I’ll be speaking on licensing and how to use it as part of your marketing strategy.

You can find out more about the Med Tech Marketing Conference at And for a limited time, LCG subscribers get a special event registration price of $99. Just enter the promotional code BRENNER when you register.

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