According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 140 million women worldwide suffer from vaginal tearing, genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis, vaginal atrophy, and other conditions. These conditions can cause excruciating pain when urinating, often leading to a consequential fear of urination.

That’s where Alivio comes in. Alivio gives women the freedom to live normally without worrying about their condition.

Rebecca Hjorth, Founder and President of RH Medical Design Company created Alivio. Ms. Hjorth. “Urination can be excruciatingly painful for women with these conditions. And finding a solution has been difficult. That’s why I created Alivio.”

Alivio is a small disposable device that funnels urine from the body away from the vagina minimizing contact with sores. Alivio minimizes the surface area exposed to urine, alleviating and sometimes eliminating pain. In other words, it makes going to the bathroom much less painful for women with these conditions.

About Alivio

Alivio is convenient, affordable, discrete, and effective.

Alivio funnels urine away from the urinary and vaginal tissue by covering/shielding the tissue (sores and tears) that would otherwise be exposed to urine. It provides relief and comfort and helps promote topical medication healing. Users can expand the narrow opening to prevent urine from contacting open wounds.

And it’s effective in helping relieve the pain associated with urination for women suffering from genital herpes, yeast infections, vaginal tearing after childbirth, vaginal atrophy, vulvovaginal irritation, and other conditions. In an informal customer study, Alivio proved 90% effective in reducing or alleviating pain.

The product is a soft, flexible, and comfortable material that is biodegradable and meets International Biocompatibility Standards. It is FDA-registered as a Class 1 device with two issued patents.

Alivio is produced in the US and sells online in a box of 18 disposable devices for 24.99.

Now Available for Licensing

The creators of Alivio are currently seeking licensing partners for this innovative product. For more information or to inquire about partnership opportunities, please get in touch with Licensing Consulting Group at


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