Healthcare professionals and patients can now measure medications more effectively and quickly distinguish different types of medication with the new Vividose syringe design. The patented integrated syringe marking design and colored seals significantly improve the visibility of the fill indicators. This makes it easier for both parties to ensure that the correct dose is administered.

“Along with its many benefits, the new Vividose syringe provides patients with a sense of reassurance and safety,” said Cliff Park, CEO of Vividose. ” Thanks to its innovative design, they can be confident that they are receiving the correct medication dosage.”

Using syringes to deliver medications precisely and accurately can be challenging due to black markings on the barrel. There’s a risk of mis-dosing, which could result in adverse side effects or an untreated ailment. Vividose syringes are designed to reduce the risk of injection errors and help ensure accurate drug dosages.

Stand-out colors contrast against black markings, making it easier for doctors or other medical professionals to quickly locate medications in busy environments – even under low lighting conditions. For those with vision impairments, impaired physical dexterity or mental disabilities, and elderly/young users, these brilliant colors can provide greater accuracy when measuring doses, helping minimize potential dosing mistakes that could adversely affect patients’ well-being.

When it comes to administering medications, accuracy is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, misuse and mistakes can result in devastating consequences, including death or injury. That’s why the Vividose syringe and colored seal design create a safe environment for delivering medication correctly every time– protecting both patients and providers from costly outcomes.

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