The Transforming World of Licensing

Today the economy is going through a transformation. The term ‘knowledge economy’ is the recognition that knowledge is the driver of innovation and the creation of intellectual property. Click here to view the article.


Mickey and Miffy are Friends with Retailers

Character-based licensing helps consumer-centric brands to easily differentiate themselves in a category, but there are certain limitations with this strategy, too. Click here to view the article.

indiaretaileraug2013 Western Brands Look East

India is becoming the next big opportunity for western brands to leverage their intellectual property rights. These brands are attracted to India for several reasons. Click here to view the article.

Food for Thought

Food and beverage licensing is big business in the US, Europe, and other developed countries. It is done with a variety of different strategies, from the canning and distribution of beverages to the manufacturing and distribution of branded products in both the food and non-food product categories. Click here to view the article.

License to Print Money

The licensing process transforms the intellectual property into a revenue-generating asset. As with any process, it requires knowing what to do and how to do it. Here are 10 tips on how to develop a licensing program. Click here to view the article.

Lic Journal The Money Making Power of Intellectual Property

There are two sides to intellectual property. The better-known side is the legal side which secures the legal rights to intellectual property through registering a patent, trademark, or copyright. The money-making side of intellectual property is licensing. Click here to view the article.