Licensing Consulting Group is an intellectual property management and licensing company specializing in assisting clients in IP Management, Strategic Consulting, Acquisition of Licensing Rights, and Property Representation. Whether you are a start-up looking for a faster way to build market traction, an operating business looking for new revenue opportunities, or an IP owner with a market-ready product or technology, LCG offers the expertise and resources to help you capitalize on your licensing opportunities.




Working with you to understand the potential of your company IP

Developing an IP strategy to manage, protect and leverage your IP

Conducting an IP Audit to identify IP assets, legal issues, risks and revenue opportunities

Implementing and managing an outbound licensing program

Finding and negotiating rights to outside IP to launch or expand your business

Advising on licensing issues, including revenue options, negotiations, and deal terms

Preparing for an IP asset valuation and assisting with the valuation process

The Advantages of Working with Licensing Consulting Group

We are experienced with all types of IP, and know which options are best to maximize your income opportunities. By utilizing the services of LCG, your company can free up working capital for other uses. Our services allow you to focus on managing your company’s core business, rather than dealing with the day-to-day issues of managing the licensing program. Most important, working with LCG will yield a better return, at lower risk, and faster, than doing the work in-house. Especially if your IP requires a large infrastructure for production and distribution.


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