Revenue generated from licensing intellectual property (IP) is one of the fastest ways of growing and expanding a business in today’s economy.

Nobody knows just how large the US licensing business is. Estimates put it between $80 billion to $150 billion. But what is known for sure is licensing generates billions of dollars and is growing. It is becoming a significant source of revenue for companies in many different industries, including software, health, aerospace, telecommunications, energy, fashion, consumer products, and many others.

Some of the most significant benefits of licensing IP include:

  • Offers a low-risk, high-return on intellectual assets
  • Increases a company’s market share or its profit margins
  • Enhances the company value and attracts capital
  • Generates additional income at a lower tax rate
  • Reduces company taxes through R&D tax credits

Our Licensing Services

  • Sales efforts to secure license relationships, including identification of prospective licensees, negotiation with potential licensees, and presentation of licensing opportunities to the client for approval;
  • Assistance in managing the intellectual property portfolio and coordinating with the client the internal review and approval process;
  • Legal services related to the licensing program, including the development of standard form license agreements and negotiation and drafting of license agreements with the client;
  • Collection of royalty payments due from licensees, confirming the accuracy of royalty reporting, and recommendations for a royalty payment auditing program; and
  • Management of the ongoing relationships between the client and its licensees to maximize the success of the licensee’s business.

Licensing provides a low-risk way to capitalize on your intellectual property assets. Investing in a licensing program is a small cost compared to the high cost of going to market directly.