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Simplicity® Dilators: What it is, how it works, and why it’s better

Every year, nearly 30 million individuals in the United States suffer sinusitis. The rising prevalence of sinusitis is driving the growth of the sinus dilation device industry. Simplicity® devised a revolutionary dilation device that is both familiar to the surgical operator and reusable, decreasing the cost of treatment to produce an intuitive, more straightforward approach and reducing the burden of expense associated with sinus dilation.

What are Simplicity® Dilators?

Simplicity® Dilator is a medical device designed to perform sinus dilation without the increased cost and complexity of the conventional dilation method. Simplicity® Sinus Dilators are high-quality medical-grade steel that is easy to clean, sanitize, and reuse.

How is it performed?

Simplicity® Dilators don’t require any sinus balloons or tissue cutting, maintenance, or inflation. They gently expand the nasal airways, allowing mucus accumulation to drain while preserving the sinus lining’s integrity.

The Simplicity® Dilators ergonomic design comes in various sizes and combinations for the convenience of doctors and patients. The Simplicity® Dilators are comfortable and intuitive in the hands of a qualified Otolaryngologist or other professional acquainted with sinus surgery when identifying and dilating the Ostia of the frontal, sphenoid, and maxillary sinuses. Whether right or left-handed, the Simplicity® Dilators fit comfortably in your hands in a pen grip.

Benefits of Simplicity® Dilators

• Reusable and Low-Cost

Simplicity® Dilators are a low-cost, reusable product. Simplicity® dilators are ecologically friendly, reducing medical and packaging waste associated with disposable dilation devices. Most insurance companies and Medicare cover the use of the Simplicity® Dilators as part of a sinus dilation operation.

• Effective and Low-Risk

Simplicity® Dilators are low-risk and effective for patients of all ages who need little recovery time. Many people get instant effects and benefit from long-term relief. In addition, the success rates are equal to those of more expensive and complex devices and procedures, such as balloon sinuplasty, with a lower chance of device failure or complications.

• Quick and Easy Procedure

The Simplicity® Solid Dilators are available in various sizes and contain dilation points on both ends for rapid sinus dilation. Due to their simple and ergonomic design, experienced surgeons may notice a substantial reduction in operative time compared to disposable dilation devices.

Why it’s better than others?

Balloon systems are complex and non-intuitive methods to widen the sinus Ostia. Some doctors are frustrated by the balloons’ repeated case-by-case expenditures, complications, the complexity of balloon set-up while using, and ultimate material waste, not to mention the fact that balloons expire.

Simplicity® Dilators is a single solution to all these problems with significant cost savings per patient, no packaging or product waste, no product expiration dates, the convenience of set-up and usage, low chance of device failures, typical side effects, quick procedures, and total control of the tip and dilator forces.

“Love your dilators! Significantly less bleeding and discomfort…not a single post-dilation sinusitis first 20 cases …more patients are willing to do cash pay since it’s cheaper… Kicking myself, I didn’t do this when I first heard about it…”

That’s why Simplicity® Dilators receives a lot of positive comments and continues selling successfully in the market. Doctors have been using Simplicity® Dilators for over three years and have observed remarkable results with little to no complications than traditional sinus dilation treatments.

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