Licensing Patents: Transforming Innovation into Income

patentsprptcover2The value of a patent is locked inside. Find out how licensing is used to transform it into valuable money generating asset. Click the image to get this special report.



Licensing Copyrights: Converting Creativity Into Cash Flow

Licensing CopyrightsCopyright licensing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Find out how to use licensing to convert your copyright IP into a cash flow generating asset. Click the image to get this special report.



Licensing Trademarks & Brands: Leveraging IP Equity into Income

LicenseTMBrandsWell recognized trademarks and brands sell billions of dollars in products and services every year. Learn how to use licensing to build your brand value and accelerate your revenue opportunities. Click on the image to get the special report.


Licensing Trade Secrets: Confidential Information into Cash Generating IP

Licensing Trade SecretsTrade Secrets are some of the most valuable types of IP. And they are often one of the most overlooked. Find out how to turn your know-how and confidential information into revenue-generating licensing deals. Click on the image to get the special report.


IP Strategy: The Road map to Managing and Maximizing IP Value

Your IP Strategy is your road map to extracting the maximum value from your IP. The real value of your business IP is the way in which you can use it as an integral part of your business strategies. It impacts every area of your business – marketing, capital raising, research and development, and business expansion. Read More


IP Funding: How to Use Your IP Assets to Secure Funding

This special report discusses the benefits of IP funding, how funding deals work, the three main types of funding options, what types of IP qualify for funding, and what your business must do to get ready for the funding process. Read More about “”



IP Audit: A Key Management Tool to Protect, Manage and Monetize IP Assets

The IP audit process creates your IP Inventory. An IP audit is the only way to keep track of your IP, correct any problems with your IP rights, and make sure it’s protected. It helps you identify unused parts of your IP, find new income opportunities, and effectively manage your most valuable business assets.