Licensing is one of the easiest and fastest ways for converting your copyright IP into a cash flow generating asset. Copyright licensing is used by the publishing, film, and music industries, typically to give others the right to reproduce or use the IP, either in its original form, different formats (i.e. DVD) or types of products, such as toys.  This white paper discusses the copyright industry, the different types of copyrights, and why licensing is the money-making strategy for this type of IP.

Here’s what’s inside this special report:

  • Copyrights – A Multi-Billion Dollar Business
  • What is a Copyright?
  • What Can be Copyrighted?
  • Why Register a Copyright?
  • 3 Steps to Registering Internationally
  • How to License a Copyright
  • New Copyright Licensing Models
  • The Indispensable Skill-set
  • Monetizing IP Assets