Special Report -The IP Audit

Your business has an inventory of your raw materials, finished products and stock on hand? What about your intangible assets?

While most companies routinely do financial audits, few companies routinely do IP audits of their intellectual property. Without an IP Audit, your company is at risk of losing IP rights, overlooking valuable assets, missing revenue opportunities or facing potential litigation actions.

The IP audit process creates your IP Inventory. An IP audit is the only way to identify, protect, and enhance your IP. It helps you find and correct any problems with your IP rights. It lets you find unused parts of your IP that can be put to work. It helps you find and avoid risks of your product or service infringing on another IP. Most importantly, it’s the only way your company can effectively manage your most valuable business assets.

Here is What is Inside This Report

  • Types of IP Audits
  • Benefits of IP Audits
  • Risks of Not Doing an IP Audit
  • Who Does an IP Audit and What’s Involved?
  • IP Audit Steps
  • IP Audit Examples