Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System: How to Make Money Buying and Selling IP Rights

It doesn’t matter what type of IP you created – patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret – you can transform it into money-making products and services.  Licensing Mastery is a breakthrough proven system that shows you how. Nowhere else will you find this eye-opening information – this information is a result of more than twenty years of experience and millions of dollars in IP licensing deals discovering and perfecting these methods and techniques. More Information »




IP Business Builder: Licensing Secrets Every Business Owner Should Know

CEO’s and business owners who understand IP and how to create and control it will have mastered one of the most important business skill sets of the 21st Century. Leveraging the cash flow rights of intellectual property is the power play to grow and expand a business in today’s global marketplace. Licensing is a rapid expansion tactic to grow your business quickly.  More Information »





How you do something – key processes and methods that give your business a competitive advantage – are valuable intellectual property. Some examples include manufacturing processes necessary to make a product, or that cuts its cost, or business methods that are unique ways of conducting business. I’ll teach you how you can turn your business methods and know-how into a licensable intellectual property. More Information




How to License Your Seminars & Workshops

If you are in the seminar and workshop business, most of your company’s real worth is hidden as intellectual property. Instead of selling seats one-by-one, you can “leverage” your IP and make more money by letting others use and … More Information »




infoproductsHow to License Information Products

Learn how to transform your information product into money-making licensing deals. During this e-course, you’ll learn the secrets to transforming your info product into an “info IP” and how to make more money without selling a single product. One of … More Information »