Introducing the World’s First Patented Supplement Formulation for Memory Loss: Percepta®

Memory loss is a common concern that affects individuals globally. While it is usually associated with aging, it is now known to be caused by the accumulation of brain plaques, tangles, and inflammation (known as “PTI”). For over 20 years, scientific literature has provided extensive documentation on memory loss. However, […]

Unique Licensing Opportunity Improves Current LVAD Devices

A unique licensing opportunity is now available to medical device companies for a patented improvement to their current LVAD devices. Developed by Inventor Dr. Peter DeSilva et al., the patent, granted in May 2019, covers a dual-motor LVAD product designed to improve patient outcomes significantly. “Our goal is to provide […]

A New Generation Predictive Trading Algorithm – Now Available for Licensing

Technological advancements have made trading algorithms increasingly popular in the investment industry. The world of finance has witnessed a significant shift from manual to automated trading in recent years. As a result, algo-trading demand is shifting from a focus on speed to performance. But finding a suitable algorithm for predicting […]

BYOYL Health and Well-being Video Library Helps Support a Positive Workplace Environment

Health and well-being support in the workplace is critical to ensuring employee success, happiness, and sustainability. We are often reminded of the negative impact of poor lifestyle choices on the rising incidence of long-term health conditions and diseases. That can affect performance, sick days, and career longevity. Investing in employee […]

New Patented Female Urinary Device Provides Relief from External Urinary Pain

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 140 million women worldwide suffer from vaginal tearing, genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis, vaginal atrophy, and other conditions. These conditions can cause excruciating pain when urinating, often leading to a consequential fear of urination. That’s where Alivio comes in. Alivio gives women the […]

New Vividose Syringe Design Improves Dosage Accuracy and Visibility

Healthcare professionals and patients can now measure medications more effectively and quickly distinguish different types of medication with the new Vividose syringe design. The patented integrated syringe marking design and colored seals significantly improve the visibility of the fill indicators. This makes it easier for both parties to ensure that the […]

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