How to Sell Big Global Customers Without the Big Global Expenses

Increasing sales, especially to larger customers, doesn’t mean larger selling expenses. Recently a small environmental systems company licensed a larger company, giving it exclusive rights to sell its water pollution control and water treatment technology to their Fortune 50 customers. This licensing strategy expanded the company into a new sales […]

Is Your Intellectual Property a Product Improver?

Some of the most valuable IP is built upon existing IP. It creates new industries, businesses, markets and big licensing opportunities. Incremental IP improves or extends the life of a product or technology, such as product quality, reliability, or ease of use. Even a small improvement can have big commercial value, especially in highly competitive markets.

Are Your Licensing at The Right Time in Your IP Life Cycle?

Your intellectual property goes through a life cycle. You create it, then develop it, and finally  commercialize it. The ideal time to license it is somewhere between the development and full commercialization, when it’s proven itself in the market and is ready to grow and expand. Your IP progresses through […]

7 Signs It’s Time to License Your Intellectual Property

Deciding when to license your intellectual property is always a question. License your IP too early and no one is interested. License it too late and the market is shifted in a new direction. Your intellectual property goes through a life cycle. First it’s created, then it moves into development, then […]