How to License MedTech Digital Device Data

Collecting and analyzing patient records is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare industry. With access to this data, med-tech companies can license their analytic data for various uses. This could include identifying patients suitable for clinical trials or providing access to clinical databases to help providers administer more effective treatment. […]

BYOYL Health and Well-being Video Library Helps Support a Positive Workplace Environment

Health and well-being support in the workplace is critical to ensuring employee success, happiness, and sustainability. We are often reminded of the negative impact of poor lifestyle choices on the rising incidence of long-term health conditions and diseases. That can affect performance, sick days, and career longevity. Investing in employee […]

How to Capitalize on A Healthy Market Opportunity for Your “Wellness” IP

The $1.5 trillion wellness market is growing. Thanks to the pandemic market, consumers are now prioritizing their health and well-being. McKinsey’s consumer research indicates a massive shift toward personalization in the wellness industry. Consumers are willing to share personal data for more customized services, recommendations, and treatments. Wearables and fitness […]